Percy Jackson in a nutshell

  • Lightning thief: I don't know what the fuck is going on, but I guess I will get that lightning thingy.
  • Sea of monsters: I don't know what's going on but I have to rescue Grover!
  • Titan's curse: I am still kinda lost, but I have to save Annabeth!!!
  • Battle of the labyrinth: I don't understand what's happening, but I should save nico and the Rest of the camp
  • Last Olympian: what does that mean? Oh well time to save Manhattan!
  • Lost hero: I'm so confused that I'm asleep.
  • Son of Neptune: ???? Oh well, I guess I will help
  • Mark of Athena: we have to do what?! Fine...but Annabeth....
  • House of hades: I'm too tired to be confused, trudging through hell is tough
  • Blood of Olympus: what just happened?


Reunions that I really would’ve like to see in Blood of Olympus:

• Tyson and Percy
• Sally and Percy
• Grover and Percy
• Sally, Percy, Annabeth and Paul
• Percy and Blackjack (I really wanted him to say to Percy “Yo boss!” one more time)
• Chiron and Percy
• Annabeth and her dad
• Leo and the seven (So they could take turns strangling him, like Percy suggested)
• Rachel and Percy
• Piper and her dad
• Percy and the Campers in general
• Sally Jackson and Percy